Far Cry - New Dawn: Trainer [+20]


Functions trainer
1.F1 - Activate trainers
2.Numpad 1: Infinite Health
3.Numpad 2: Infinite Stamina
4.Numpad 3: Infinite Oxygen
5.Numpad 4: Infinite Ammo
6.Numpad 5: No Reload
7.Numpad 6: Super Precision
8.Numpad 8: No Recoil
9.Numpad 9: Materials Not Required to Create
10.Numpad 0: Materials Not Required for Leveling
11.Numpad.: Invisibility
12.Numpad +: Super Sprint
13.Numpad -: Super Jumping
14.Page Up: Super Speed
15.Page Down: Slow Down Time
16.Ctrl + Num 1: Run Test
17.Ctrl + Num 2: Unlock New Items for Craft
18.Ctrl + Num 3: Machine Gun Does Not Overheat
19.Ctrl + Num 4: Fishing Line Doesn't Tear
20.Home: Disable New
Run the trainer on behalf of the Administrator, there is no priority to run.
Enjoy your game!



Trainer Far Cry - New Dawn
Far Cry - New Dawn Trainer [+20] (new)