Metro 2033 Redux: Trainer [+14]


Functions trainer
NUM0 - Infinite grenades, knives.
NUM1 - Infinite Life.
NUM2 - Infinite gas mask.
NUM3 - Infinite Flashlight.
NUM4 - No recoil weapons.
NUM5 - Without overheating weapons.
NUM6 - Maximum accuracy weapons.
NUM7 - Infinite Money.
NUM8 - Super Jump.
NUM9 - No reload of automatic weapons.
F1 - Without reloading the gun. It is paired with the top function.
F2 - Infinite Ammo.
F3 - Save Position.
F4 - Download Position.
Run the trainer on behalf of the Administrator, there is no priority to run.
Enjoy your game!



Trainer Metro 2033 Redux
Metro 2033 Redux Trainer [+14] (ver. - new)