Recommendations on how not to ban an account

1) After updating the game, play twinkle a day, since no one knows how to vang, developed warfare can fill anything.
2) Close the game center before launching the cheat, and after launching the cheat. That IC was not turned on when you play. (P.s is not necessary to close the IC, but it is desirable)
3) Do not play PVE with the left, can record video and send to TP
4) Do not turn on aim on RM
5) Do not play on a large statue 5-100 (Optimal 2-3)
6) Do not turn on accuracy on the medic, do not kill through smoke
7) Do not kill more than 1500 bots per mission on PVE (share better)
8) In the game center, sign out of all accounts
9) Important! You don’t get fooled like a schoolboy with a free cheat, but play adequately so that you don’t write that you are a cheater.

A personal example: they often write to me that I am a RAT, but no one writes to me that I am a cheater. Therefore, all my accounts are live !!!!

P.S If they tell you that you are a cheater, record a video, etc. I RECOMMEND changing the tactics of the game, since you also need to be able to play with the cheat (with your head), and not behave like a schoolboy who does not care at all.